Podcast: A Deep Dive Into the World of Tiny Crabs

Christos Vlasakidis & Martijn Luinstra

A deep dive into the unknown can be uncomfortable, but also utterly fascinating. The course Nature of Scientific Disciplines allowed us to experience exactly that, working in pairs to produce a podcast on a field of science different from our backgrounds. We researched, discussed, and thought a lot about concepts and theories we haven’t considered before, and in the process, came to a better understanding of not just the field, but science as a whole.

Much like the cute crustaceans we talk about in the podcast, we venture into uncharted territory for us; Marine Biology. We interview Dr. Sancia van der Meij, a marine biologist at RUG who shares with us insights from her work on the enchanting world of gall crabs, corals, and the life story of those tiny creatures under the sea.

All the exciting aspects we discuss are but a drop in the ocean, compared to what this field has to offer, and we hope our little chat entices you to dive in and explore it more yourself.

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