Balancing between agriculture and nature (EN/NL)

Jorian is area coordinator and communication advisor at an organisation which helps farmers become more nature-friendly. In this versatile job he has multiple tasks and works with a lot of different people.

Never thought about becoming a teacher (EN/NL)

Kayleigh has always felt it was a strange idea for people to want to be in front of a classroom. Yet the advice of one of her teachers has always stuck with her. She did enjoy teaching during the educational minor, so she chose to do the EC master for biology. This led her to…

The education track: “No program for rejects” (EN/NL)

Renske is a chemistry teacher at heart. She works four days a week at a secondary school and teaches one day a week at the teacher training college for chemistry. Her schedule is quite full, but she enjoys every day to the full.

A PhD in Science Education (EN/NL)

During the master’s in Science Education and Communication, Dagmar wrote three theses, for which she also did research. She enjoyed it so much that she went looking for a PhD position. Now she is doing research on the use of artificial intelligence in the classroom.

Quitting research to become a science communicator (EN/NL)

Vera Otten really enjoyed doing research, but during her second research project in the master’s she found out that communicating about it is also fun and important. She heard that someone was doing a Master’s degree in Science Education and Communication and decided to go to an information session about the master’s programme.

Entering the world of communication after the education track (EN/NL)

Kees is now a communications officer at the University of Twente, but when he started the EC master’s he did not expect to enter the field of communications. He started the education track of the master’s in 2016. However, during his last internship, he found out that he was not interested in a career as…

Opting for creativity (EN/NL)

In his own words, he “can’t sit still for too long,” and that is evident from everything Mark Hektor has been doing since he graduated from university, which he completed only eight months ago. Since graduating, Mark has been busy working as an illustrator and science communicator at the University Museum Groningen, while trying to…

Freelancing, is it for me? (EN/NL)

After her master’s, Michelle started working as a freelance science journalist. She is an editor at two magazines (EVMI and Voeding Nu) and writes weekly pieces for the websites and magazines, always with a technological or scientific angle. She also does other freelance jobs.