Podcast: A Deep Dive Into the World of Tiny Crabs

Christos Vlasakidis & Martijn Luinstra A deep dive into the unknown can be uncomfortable, but also utterly fascinating. The course Nature of Scientific Disciplines allowed us to experience exactly that, working in pairs to produce a podcast on a field of science different from our backgrounds. We researched, discussed, and thought a lot about concepts…

Cracking the virus: zooming in to a nanometre (EN/NL)

While others are still battling the coronavirus, biophysicist Martijn Middelkamp is working on combating what’s also called a ‘silent pandemic’: Hepatitis B. He studies the way viruses grow, using one of the strongest microscopes in the world.

Climate change on the North Pole: It starts off small (EN/NL)

Five years in a row, ecologist Cristophe Brochard went to Svalbard to study plankton: minuscule creatures and algae that tell us how the environment at the polar region is doing. Unfortunately, it’s not doing well. ‘It’s happening here in real time. It’s dramatic.’