Health Sciences

White-noise CD works against irritating hum (EN/NL)

Approximately 2 percent of the Dutch population are bothered by low-frequency sound, although a clear cause has never been found. Half of these people can be helped through the use of a CD with white noise, UG researchers say.

How to protect organs on transport? (EN/NL)

Transplant hearts, kidneys, or lungs from brain-dead donors often don’t work as well as organs from living donors. Tina Jager wants to find out why.

Goodbye, sense of smell (EN/NL)

Many unfortunate souls lost their sense of smell and taste after a covid infection – perhaps permanently. How does this affect their daily lives, and what can be done to help them?

Need to stay motivated at work? Reward yourself (EN/NL)

People are always looking for a way to reward themselves. ‘Once I finish this, I can get a coffee.’ The corona crisis has robbed us of these little rewards moments. But Geraldina Gaastra says they’re very important.